Overview: Account set-up for guides

Welcome to Ruzuku! Let's get things off to a great start by setting up your account.

  1. Check to be sure you're using a  supported browser and computer system.
  2. Set up your  account profile. The information you provide in your profile will be visible on each of the courses you create.
  3. Add a  profile picture.
  4. Integrate your PayPal or Stripe account with Ruzuku.
  5. Integrate your MailChimp account with Ruzuku.
  6. Take a quick tour of your account's home page.

A - Your name, as it will appear in your courses. Clicking on your name enables access to your profile (including your email address, photo, biography, and time zone), information about your plans and billing, and payment and email tool integrations you have completed for your account. You can also find the sign out link here.

B - Link to all of the courses you've created. This is also the default "home page" view for your account.

C - Link to all of the courses in which you are a Student. Your learning library.

D - Link to the Ruzuku Knowledge Base articles and FAQs.

E - The Create A Course button.

F - Course Management drop-down menu, to edit and manage courses you have created.

The courses you're teaching will be displayed in course number order, with the most recently created course at the top, and older courses toward the bottom of the account page.

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