Add content to an activity


Activities are the individual pages that make up a lesson in Ruzuku.

Components of an Activity

Each activity has 6 components:

  • Title - Required
  • Upload or embed a primary video, audio, or PDF file
  • Write your lesson copy (text and images)
  • Add a multiple choice poll
  • Add downloadable resources (audio, video, PDF, etc.)
  • Pose a discussion prompt 

Every activity must have a title. However, it is up to you to determine which of the other components you will use in each activity.


 The activity title will display at the top of the activity editor page, on your Lessons page, on the Course Overview page that your students see, and on your students' Lessons page. 

Upload or embed a primary video, audio file, or PDF

This is where you will upload or embed the main video (MP4), audio file (MP3), or PDF for this activity. The file you upload will display at the top of the activity page, below the title and above any other content you include in this activity.

An activity may only have one main audio file, video file, or PDF displayed and viewable on the activity page. (You may use the "add downloadable resources" link to add additional documents for download and view on the student's device.)

How to:

Write your lesson copy (text and images)

The "write your lesson" section is designed for you to include text and images. 

You can:

  • Type in your text and format it using the toolbar at the top of the section.
  • Insert links to other websites using the "insert link" icon.
  • Insert email links using the "insert email link" icon.
  • Add images using the "add image" icon.

Note: Ruzuku won't automatically save your work, so be sure to click the "save" button periodically!

A quick word about copying and pasting text from another word processing system

When you copy/paste text from a web page or document created with another word processing system, hidden formatting (in HTML and/or XML) from the previous location is included in what is pasted into the Ruzuku activity editor. All of that hidden formatting adds extra characters in the editor, and these extra formatting commands also prevent you from being able to use the editing functions inside the activity editor.

If you're using MS Word to format your activity text, a simple way to strip off the extra formatting is to use an online tool like  Word 2 Clean

  1. Paste your document into the space provided, check all the options for formatting available, and then click the "convert to clean html" button.
  2. The text will be converted within seconds. Then, click the Copy HTML to clipboard link, follow the instructions to press CTRL-C to copy it, and paste it into the Ruzuku editor in the Code View (click the icon shown below, in the activity editor).
  3. After pasting, click the purple Save button, and click the Code View icon again to go back to normal editing view. 

Add downloadable resources

If you have files you want your students to download, include them in the "add downloadable resources" area. These files will display underneath the main "write your lesson" portion of your activity.

You can upload multiple "downloadable resources" to each activity. However, you will need to upload each file individually.

How To:

Tip: if you're uploading large files, make sure you're on a strong internet connection.

Add a poll

You can add a multiple-choice poll (survey) to enhance communication and interaction between your students.

How To: 

Pose a discussion prompt

The discussion prompt allows you to pose a question to your students and for them to respond right in the activity. 

The discussion prompt will appear at the bottom of the activity, after all of the other content components.

How To:

Remember: Every activity must have a title. However, it is up to you to determine which of the other components you will use in each activity.

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