Add a welcome or orientation lesson to a course

Here is a welcome activity we created for one of our courses. Please feel free to use or adapt any of this text for your own course!

Welcome... a few tips for navigating this course

Here are a few quick tips about how to navigate this course:

  • First, upload a profile photo and add a short bio through your Profile. It makes it more fun to interact with everyone when we can see your face and know a little something about you. And don't forget to check that your local time zone is correct, so that lesson notices reach you at the correct time!
  • Webinars scheduled for this course can be found by clicking the Webinars menu at the top of the course page. You can join the live webinars by clicking on that menu link and then on the scheduled event.  If you aren't able to attend the live event, you can access the recording through that same link.
  • Each week you'll get access to a new lesson (shown by clicking the Lessons menu at the top of the course page). Each lesson contains a series of activities to complete and check-off. When you have completed an activity, click the "mark as complete" button on the page to navigate to the next activity or lesson. This is how I will be able to monitor your progress in the course.
    • →   Try that now by marking this activity as complete (click the Mark As Complete button) once you're done  reading !
  • Be sure to add [email protected] to your email Contacts so that the lesson notifications will be delivered to your inbox. (Check your spam folder if you don't see the notifications in your inbox.)
  • Please bookmark in your browser. Although you'll receive course emails with a link to bring you back here, you can also simply use that bookmark to access your account's Learning Library and this course.
  • You can review and change the email notifications you receive for your course by clicking the Settings menu at the top right side of the course page.

Need help navigating the course, or having trouble receiving email notifications? Just click the Support link at the top of the page and browse through the categories and articles. If you can't find the answer there, email Ruzuku Support directly at [email protected]

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