Print course content

Although Ruzuku doesn't have a built-in "print" feature, there are a couple of ways to print an activity.

One option is to use a screen capture software like  Skitch (for Macs) or Greenshots (for Windows) to print the activity as it appears on your computer screen. This is a great option for short activities that do not require you to scroll up or down the page in order to see all of the activity.

If you are trying to print an activity that requires you to scroll down the page, a screen capture software won't work. Instead, we recommend using a software called  Evernote. You can capture the entire page using Evernote's web clipper feature

We've found it works best to save the page as a simplified article. Then, you can go into your Evernote account and print the activity, either as a paper copy or as a PDF on your computer.

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