Coupon codes: create a coupon code (PayPal & Stripe)

Creating coupon codes is a great way to offer discounts to your students. 

Common uses of coupon codes include:

  • Offer early bird pricing for students who sign up right away.
  • Offer returning student discounts to your current students.
  • Offer discount pricing for students who sign up through your partners or affiliates

When a student pays with a coupon code, the name of the coupon code and the dollar amount that they paid will appear in your students page. This allows you to track how many sales each of your coupon code generates, so you know what works for next time!

You can also limit the number of coupon codes available, and set an expiration date after which the code will no longer be usable.

How to Create a Coupon Code

These instruction assume that you have already integrated your PayPal and/or Stripe account with Ruzuku and  set a paid price for your course.

  1. Go to your "Manage Courses" page.
  2. Click on the title of your course.
  3. In the pop-up menu of course information, click on "Coupons" in the Sales column.

  4. On the Coupons page, Click "Add Coupon" to create a new coupon.
  5. You should now be on the New Coupon page, which looks like this:
  6. Enter the name of your coupon in the Code field. 

    This code is what your students will type into the "use coupon code" box on your registration page. This code will also display on the Students page, so you can track which coupon code a student used to register for your course.

    Note: Once you save this coupon, it is not possible to edit or rename the code. So be sure the code you choose for your coupon is clear and easy for you to understand!
  7. Enter the discount amount for this coupon. You can create either a fixed amount coupon, or a percentage off coupon. 

    A fixed amount coupon means that the value of the coupon never changes. If you create a $20 off coupon code, that $20 will be $20 off no matter the price of your course. 

    A percentage off 
    coupon changes its value based on the price of your course. If your course normally costs $200, for example, a 10% off coupon would be a discount of $20. However, if your course normally costs $50, a 10% off coupon would create a discount of $5.

    Note: Once you save this coupon, it is not possible to change the amount of the discount, or to switch the type of coupon code from percentage off to fixed amount (or vice versa).

  8. (Optional) Enter notes about this coupon code. 

    The notes section is a place for you to keep track of details specific to this coupon code. This is an excellent place to write a short description of why you created this coupon code, and any other details you or your administrative team might want to know about the code in the future.

  9. (Optional) Enter the maximum number of uses of this coupon (if you would like to limit coupon use). 

    The number of coupon codes available applies to all price points attached to this coupon. For example, let's say that you have two price points for your course. You want to limit the number of $15 off coupons to 10 people. Ruzuku will allow the $15 off coupon code to be used 10 times total. Those 10 redemptions might all be at your higher price point, or they may all be at your lower price point. Most likely they will be a mix of both.

    Once the code has been redeemed 10 times, it will no longer function. 

    Tip: Once you save this coupon, you can edit this field to change the maximum number of coupon codes available.
  10. (Optional) Enter an expiration date for your coupon. 

    If someone attempts to use your coupon code after it expires (based on the local time shown on the student's computer), they will receive a "this coupon has expired" message at the top of the course registration page. 

    Once you save this coupon, you can edit this field to change the expiration date.
  11. Select the price point(s) this coupon will apply to. 

    You can apply a coupon code to multiple price points, but you must assign your coupon code to at least one price point for your course. 

    Note: Once you save this coupon, you cannot remove a coupon code from a specific price point. You can create new price points, and add the coupon code to that new price point,. But, you cannot remove a coupon from a price point once you click the save button.
  12. When you've filled in all the required fields, save your coupon code.

    Note: Once you save a coupon, be aware that you cannot change the coupon name, the amount of the coupon, or remove the coupon from a price point. However, you can edit the notes, number available, and expiration date at any time.

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