Invite someone to review your course before opening registration

Having someone review your course and provide comments and feedback is extremely helpful.

The best way to invite someone to review your course on Ruzuku is to create a copy of your course, publish that copy, and invite your reviewer to enroll in this version of your course. Creating a copy of the course allows you to control who has access to that copy, and also allows your reviewer to access all your course content immediately.

How to Invite Someone to Review and Comment on Your Course

  1. Make a copy of your course.
    Optional: You may also want to  rename your course.
  2. Create a free price point for this course.
  3. Schedule your course as an open access course, so that your reviewer will be able to see all your course content at once.
  4. Use the "invite student" button on your Students page to send an email invitation to your reviewer.

Once your reviewer accepts your invitation, he or she will be able to access all of your course content. They can then send you their feedback or critiques by email. 

If you included discussion prompts in your course activities, you may also wish to encourage them to leave their comments and feedback as a response to those discussion prompts.

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