Use other shopping carts or payment tools

If you don't use PayPal or Stripe, which can be integrated with Ruzuku for payment, then you can use your own shopping cart or payment tool.

Let's walk through how to set this up...

Copy the Course Enrollment Link

Find the enrollment link for your course by clicking the purple Links button in the course editor. Since you have used your sales web site and shopping cart to sell the course, use the Enrollment Page link shown. 

What's the difference between the Sales Page link and the Enrollment Page link? 

The Sales Page link takes participants to your Ruzuku Sales Page (which can contain detailed information about your course), while the Enrollment Page link takes participants to a payment/registration page (this page just a simple signup form).

Send the Enrollment Link to Your Students

Now that you've copied the enrollment page link, how do you send this price point to your students?

Depending on how your shopping cart, website, and email confirmation system is set up, you have a few different options. 

  1. You can put it on the thank-you page they see after purchasing.
  2. You can forward/redirect them to the link after purchase (if your cart allows this).
  3. You can email them the link after purchase.

... or some combination of those 3 methods.

If you prefer, you can also use the Invite Students feature in the Student Management Dashboard of the course editor, and invite them to join the course that way.

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