Can I change the start date of my course after it's published?

Once you have set your course start date, it's not possible to change the start date of your course.

Instead, make a new copy of your course.

  1. Go to your Courses list, choose the course you wish to copy, and choose Copy course from the Manage Course pop up menu.
  2. Once the new copy appears, you can rename the course.
  3. Choose Rename from the Manage Course menu and change the course name.
  4. Go to the Pricing and Coupons tabs for the course and set up new Price Points and Coupons.
  5. Go to Schedule for your course to choose the start date and course type to publish the course and open it for registration.
  6. Be sure to check your lessons and messages (if any) to be sure they reflect the correct release dates.
  7. If you've added any in-course links to other pages in the course, those will need to be updated.
  8. Distribute the new enrollment links, and you're ready to go! 

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