Open course registration

To open registration for your course, you must first  create a price point. You may also want to  create a coupon code for your course.

Tip: If your course is free, or you're taking payment for the course outside of Ruzuku, be sure there is a Price Point called "Free" and that the "Free" price point is set as the Default.

Once you have set a price point, you will need to choose your course schedule type, start date, and registration options. See   Choose a course schedule type for details on how to choose these options.

Tip: Be sure to set your registration options to "open," so that students can begin to register.

Once you have set your course type, start date, and registration options, click "save" on the Schedule page. This will publish your course. As long as your registration options are set to open, your students will now be able to register for your course.

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