Webinar overview and capabilities

One of the best ways to add value and engagement to your online program is through live events.

With our Up-and-Comer monthly and annual subscriptions, Ruzuku provides built-in video webinar and teleconference webinar options for all courses you create. Our tools are built directly into your courses, so setting up live events is easy.

You don't need to pay for any additional software, or worry about your students learning a complicated webinar system. 

Here's a quick overview of two of the types of webinar events you can run on Ruzuku:

Video Webinars:

  • Host a live video broadcast so your participants can see you present live.
  • Video streaming allows you to broadcast live directly from your webcam to everyone on the event page.
  • You can show PDF slides during the event, and participants can ask questions and communicate in real time via chat.
  • Video broadcasts are automatically recorded, and posted back into your course for easy access. (Note: Live chats are not included in the recordings.)

Note: Video broadcasts are limited to 100 live participants.

To participate in Ruzuku video webinars, which use WebRTC technology, you will need to use a modern browser. If you're using an iPad or iPhone, only the latest versions of Safari support webinars. If you're not sure if your browser is the latest, you can find out at whatbrowser.org.

Teleconference Webinars:

  • Host a live teleconference with multiple speakers.
  • Our teleconferencing option creates a bridge line your participants can call into.
  • Each person who joins the event sees a phone number and pin code.
  • Once they’ve dialed in, they’re connected to the audio.
  • The instructor can choose to mute and un-mute people throughout the call, and live chat is available as well.
  • Slide PDF presentations are also available during a teleconference, and the audio is automatically recorded and posted back to the course. (Note: Live chats are not included in the recordings.)

Note: Teleconferences are limited to 200 live participants.

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