Video webinar: create a Ruzuku video webinar

Video Webinars on Ruzuku are live video broadcasts incorporated directly into your course. 

Approximately 100 participants can join into a Ruzuku-hosted video webinar. (More than 100 participants can join, but the video/audio quality may be less than optimal with more than 100 participants.)

You'll use your computer's webcam to live stream video directly to anyone on the event page of your course.

You can show slides during the event, and participants can ask questions and communicate in real time via chat.

Video broadcasts can be recorded, and posted back into your course for easy access.

How to Create a Ruzuku Video Webinar

  1. Go to the webinar menu in the course editor.
  2. Click Add a Webinar to create the new event.
  3. Add an event title, choose the date and time of the event, and pick a duration.  
  4. Click “Edit” to create the rest of the event.  

You’ll now see a number of different tabs: schedule, content, files, notifications, and webinar.

Let’s review each one:  


Where you control the time and duration of the event. You can also reschedule the event in this section.

Note: The duration you choose is displayed in the notification emails to your participants, to set their expectations for the length of the event. It also controls the length of time that live chat is available during the event.


A place to enter any text or images you’d like to display on the event page. For example, text that explains what you’ll be covering during the event.

The Summary is used only in the default event reminders. Visit the Notifications tab and select the Send Default messages to see where the information you've typed into the Content field appears in your notification email.

Content appears only on the student view of the Event page. This is where you can go into details about the event and what will be covered. 


If you've chosen to record your event (see the Webinar tab), the archived recording of the event will automatically appear in the Playback section of this tab. You can choose, at that time, whether to click the option to allow your students to download the recording. Otherwise, you don't need to take any action. Your students will be able to come back to the Events link in their course to replay the recording of your teleconference.

You can use the Supplemental option in this tab to upload any materials you'd like to provide to your students for download.


Control and customize the email reminders for your event in this tab. Options are available to send a 2-day advance reminder, and a 1-hour advance reminder. You can choose to not send the reminder, send the default reminder, or send a personalized reminder.


Choose Video Streaming (Ruzuku) as your event type.

This will display the option to record the event. Set to "yes" if you want to record the event.

Note: Video webinars are limited to 90 minute recordings and can include approximately 100 participants.

Next, upload a presentation by clicking the orange +Presentation button (shown below is the presentation area after uploading a presentation). This is optional. Please note the file types supported for presentations in the FAQ area to the right of the page.

Click Save.

Click the Preview button to view the presentation as it will appear in the live webinar.

f you'd like to change something about the webinar, click the Edit this event button.

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