Video webinar: host a Ruzuku video webinar

How to Host a Video Webinar

Approximately 100 participants can join into a Ruzuku-hosted video webinar. (More than 100 participants can join, but the video/audio quality may be less than optimal with more than 100 participants.)

To host a live video webinar, first note that your course must be "published," meaning you have set a start date and course type.

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Enter the Video Webinar

  1. Go to the Webinar page a few minutes before your event is scheduled to begin.

    Course instructors should use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome when hosting webinars.
  2. Click the name of the video webinar you're going to host.

Begin the Video Webinar

There will now be a black box on the page with a link in the middle that reads "Start your Broadcast."

To start the video webinar:

  1. Click the "Start your Broadcast" link.
  2. If you have uploaded a PDF slide presentation to your event, you'll see it in the center of your screen with the video above the chat box.
  3. If you have not uploaded a PDF slide presentation to your event, you'll see your webcam feed in the center of your screen with the chat box on the right-hand side.

Chat will be available for people 1 hour before the event starts and will continue through the end of the event, as you have scheduled it.

If you have chosen to record the broadcast, it will automatically be processed and posted back into the course within a few hours.

Note: The first time you use your browser's webcam for any type of internet streaming, your browser will pop up a small screen, requesting approval to use your webcam. You must click the approval response so that your browser can stream your image using your webcam.

Note: The content of the live chat is not accessible after the event has ended. If you'd like to keep the comments and questions, we recommend copying the contents of the chat, and pasting it into a document.

Note: To participate in Ruzuku video webinars, which use WebRTC technology, you will need to use a modern browser. If you're using an iPad or iPhone, only the latest versions of Safari support webinars. If you're not sure if your browser is the latest, you can find out at It should say "This is the most current version."

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