Webinar recordings

When you create a Ruzuku teleconference or video webinar and request a recording, the recording of your live event is automatically posted to the event page within 30 minutes of the event. This allows your students to review the event, or catch up on what they missed if they missed the live event. 

It will automatically appear in the event's Files tab as an archive file and will display to your students when they click the Events link in the course.

You can also access your recording and upload it into another course. Here's how:

Go the Event page in your course, and save the recording file:

The file will be an MP3 (audio) file for a teleconference recording, or an MP4 (video) file for a video stream recording.

Once you've saved the recording file, you can upload it to another course as an activity, or as the playback file for another event.

Note: Live chats are not included in event recordings.

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