Presentations for teleconferences and video webinars

You can upload a presentation to your Ruzuku-hosted webinar by:

  1. Clicking on the Webinar tab in the event editor
  2. Selecting the Video Streaming (Ruzuku) or Teleconference (Ruzuku) option
  3. Clicking the + Presentation button.

    Note that presentations work best when uploaded in PDF format.

Here's an example, using a teleconference

During Your Event

An hour before your event begins, you will see your slide presentation in the middle of the screen, the call-in details, and the live chat box appear on the page.

The presentation is viewable by all participants who are on the event page, and controlled by you. When you advance a slide on your screen, it will also advance on your participants' screens. Students also have the ability to advance slides on their own.

We recommend using a PDF file format for your presentation. Presentation files up to 300MB can be uploaded.

After Your Event

Once your event has ended, the recording (if the option was selected) will be processed and posted back to the event page as an audio file. The presentation you originally uploaded will also appear. 

Important: The recording only captures audio from the call. The recording does not capture slide advancing.

When participants listen to the recording, they will need to manually advance the slides on their own. It is not synced with the audio as it is during the live event.

For this reason, we recommend that you mention the slide number or headline during the live call, so that participants who are listening to the recording can stay in sync. 

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