Copy a course

Copying a course on Ruzuku is very easy, and very fast. It's a great way to keep all of your lesson content and make adjustments to things like price points, coupons, start dates, and how you deliver the content.

The new copy of your course will include:

  • The complete outline and all content from your original course.
  • Email notifications, such as your personalized welcome message and any Custom Announcements.
  • PayPal / Stripe price points and coupons created for the copied course (if any).  Important note 1: The enrollment links for your price points will be different in the copied course than in the original course, since the Course ID will have changed. Be sure to update any enrollment links on your sales webpage or email campaign with the new information.) Important note 2: The coupon code settings will be copied exactly from the original course. Be sure to update any expiration dates for your coupon codes!
  • Polls (the question and optional answers, but not the responses from the copied course.)
  • "Shell" copies of events (such as teleconferences or webinars). Please note these event copies will not run automatically in the new course and should be reviewed, updated and scheduled for the new course. The copies contain the name of the event, any information in the Content tab, supplemental files, notifications, the event type and presentation from the original event.

    Important note: The copied events do not include the event recording from the prior course, the event start date and time, and whether or not the event will be recorded.

The new copy of your course will NOT include:

  • Any enrolled students.
  • Any comments or discussions from the previous course.
  • A publish date and course type.

How to Copy Your Course

  1. Go the the "My Courses" page.
  2. Click on the title of your course.
  3. In the pop-up menu of course information, find the Course Actions section in the bottom left.
  4. Click the "Copy" button.
  5. Note: The copy process is usually very fast. However, if your course is quite large, it may take a few minutes to complete the copy process.

  6. You should now see a new course on your "My Courses" page. The new course title begins with "Copy of" followed by the original course title. Be sure to review all links in your copied course, to be sure they point to the correct pages, and that any course-specific dates or other information are updated for the new course.

Tip: To rename your course, select the "rename" option from the Manage Course drop down. 

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