Video webinars

Here are a few tips for watching a video webinar hosted on Ruzuku:

  • Use the most recent version of Chrome or Firefox as your web browser. (A Ruzuku video webinar will not play in Internet Explorer/Edge, or with Safari browsers older than iOS 11.)
  • Before the session starts, close down other websites or applications that could slow down your computer or application.
  • Make sure you're in a place with a stable internet connection (and wireless signal, if you're using Wi-Fi).

If you have trouble with the audio/video syncing during a session, try reloading the page in your browser. It will reconnect to the stream automatically. 

Note: The iPhone iOS prior to iOS 11 do not support WebRTC, the technology used for Ruzuku webinars. Be sure your Safari browser has been updated to the latest version.

Finally, if your instructor is recording the session, you should be able to watch the replay of the session in your course under "Webinars."

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