Schedule a demo or walk-through of the Ruzuku platform

We'd love to show off Ruzuku! :)

The best way to understand how Ruzuku works for your students is to sign up for a course yourself! We have several  Sample Courses to choose from.

Once you've experienced Ruzuku as a student, you'll be curious to see how the magic happens on the back end. 

We recommend reading through our  Tutorial: create your first course  to understand all the behind-the-scenes elements involved in a Ruzuku course. 

Once you've reviewed the sample courses and the tutorial, we'd be happy to answer your questions about how to make Ruzuku work for you. Simply email our customer support team at  [email protected].

Please be as specific as possible about the course experience you're trying to create, so that our team can give you the best answers to your questions.

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