Video webinar: an overview

Video Webinars on Ruzuku are included in our Up-and-Comer subscriptions. A Ruzuku streaming video webinar is a live video broadcast incorporated directly into your course as a live event. Approximately 100 participants can be included in your webinar.  (More than 100 participants can join, but the video/audio quality may be less than optimal with more than 100 participants.)

You'll use your computer's webcam to live stream video directly to anyone enrolled in your course and on the event page.

Ruzuku will automatically send out reminders about the event, which is a great way to increase attendance and engagement. If you wish, you can disable or personalize both the 2-day and 1-hour reminder.

You can show slides during the event, and participants can ask questions and communicate in real time via chat. You may also choose to record your video webinar so that those who were unable to attend the live event can listen to the audio recording and review your presentation.

If you have a Bootstrapper subscription, Ruzuku streaming video webinars are not available. 

However, you can use Ruzuku's event scheduling system to provide information about any externally-hosted video webinar (such as Zoom, GoToWebinar etc.) to your students, and upload any recording of the event to your course.

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