Payment plans: overview of payment plans (Stripe)

If you have a Ruzuku Up-and-Comer subscription and your Stripe account is integrated with Ruzuku, you can offer your students a payment plan of a set amount per month for a set number of months.

You can also offer a discount coupon on a Payment Plan.

Note: Payment plans are for a set amount per month for the number of months you specify and can be used as an option instead of a single payment for the course.

Here’s an overview of how Stripe subscriptions work in Ruzuku. Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided in other resource articles.

What is a Payment Plan?

A payment plan is a set number of monthly payments where every payment is the same price. For example, a pricing option of "pay $59 per month for 6 months" would be a payment plan/

When to Use a Payment Plan

Payment plans are especially popular with more expensive courses, where students may not be able to pay in full. Let's say that your course costs $2000. You could offer two payment options: a single payment of $2000, or 6 monthly payments of $400. 

Many online course instructors charge a bit more for payment plans because it A) makes the full payment option more attractive and B) mitigates the risk that a student will not complete all of their payments.

It is your choice whether to divide the single payment evenly into the monthly payments, or whether you want to charge a bit more. In the example above, a student who opts for the payment plan will end up paying $2400 (6 * $400) instead of $2000. 

How Many Payments Should I Charge?

The general rule of thumb is that your payments should end around the same time as the course experience. If you're running a 1 month boot camp, and someone is paying for it 6 months later, they're much more likely to forget what that charge was and decline it, report it as fraud, or simply change credit cards and forget to update you.

On the other hand, if your program runs for 12 months, it makes sense to offer 12 monthly payments.

How to create a Payment Plan in Ruzuku

See: Create a payment plan price point (Stripe)

How Payments are Charged & Reported

Stripe will charge the credit card on file for each student on their monthly sign up date. The student will receive a payment receipt after each monthly payment. Individual payments from each student on a Stripe payment plan will be listed on the Students Dashboard of the course, in the Payments section, with Payment Status "Succeeded".


You can refund payments from a payment plan from the Students Dashboard Payment screen.

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