Custom student profile fields

University Subscription Level

As a University Instructor, you can ask your students to provide additional text-based information when they enroll in a course. This can be helpful if you would like to ask your enrolling students for information beyond the basic information (name, email, password, time zone) typically provided at the time of enrollment. 

Custom profiles are connected to individual price points, so you can create different custom Profiles for use within each course. For example, someone enrolling in your course from XYZ company can be asked to provide 4 custom profile fields during the enrollment process, while someone enrolling in your course from ABC company can be asked to provide 2 custom profile fields during enrollment.

Upon enrolling, students are automatically brought to a screen to provide the custom profile information.

Note: Your University Administrator must create the profile fields in the University before you can use the fields in your course. If you don't see a field that you need as you build your course, contact your University Administrator for help in creating the required field(s).

  1. After creating a price point (paid or free), click on Sales > Profiles to create a Custom Profile for the course. 
  2. Choose a title for the Profile, select the fields to be used, and then connect the profile to the price point.
  3. Student custom profile information is available in the Students > Details tab for each student, and is also included in the student information downloads.

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