Payments: Integrate Stripe

University Subscription Level

As an Administrator or Instructor, you can integrate a Stripe account in your account and in any Instructor's account, so that price points and coupon codes can be created and used for course enrollments.

Please note that we can't support you in integrating your Stripe account. We provide these instructions as a courtesy and because we know how frustrating it is when you're trying to integrate two services and they both tell you it's the other service's fault that it's not working.

First, open a browser tab and log in to the Stripe account. Open a second browser tab and sign in to the University Instructor account where the Stripe account will be integrated. Note: Administrators, use the Mimic function to access the Instructor's account.

In Stripe

  1. Be sure that the account is not in "test" mode. "View Test Data", in the menu on the left-hand side of the page, should appear this way:

In the University Instructor's account

  1. Go into the Integrations tab (click on the instructor's name at the top of the page, and then on Integrations > Stripe).
  2. Click "Connect with Stripe" and then click the blue "Connect with Stripe" confirmation button.
  3. The page will automatically refresh, and you will see the Stripe User ID and Access Token appear on the page. This is your confirmation that the Stripe and Ruzuku University accounts are successfully integrated.

Next Steps

Create price points and discount coupons within Instructor courses, linking them to Stripe for payment.

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