Affiliate course sales

University Subscription Level

As an Instructor, you can ask others to refer students to your course. These referrals can be tracked and reported for your courses using an Affiliate Referral Code.

Your University Administrator can create an affiliate code for use by someone, to refer students to your courses.

How to use an affiliate referral code
  1. Affiliates can use their affiliate referral code to be credited for student course enrollment referrals. 
  2. The affiliate referral code must be included in the enrollment link in order for the affiliate to receive credit for the referral.
  3. If an enrollment link looks like this: https://[youruniversitydomain]/courses/xxxx/enroll then the affiliate link must be attached to the end of the link, with a question mark and then the affiliate ID: https://[youruniversitydomain]/courses/xxxx/enroll?affiliate=5c38b15ff38 (as an example).
  4. Note, this is the normal enrollment URL for course number xxxx (which will appear as a course number), except that the affiliate code has been added to the end of the URL.
  5. The affiliate code can be added to the end of any of your course's URLs, including URLs to price points, to the sales pages, etc.
  6. For example, the sales page for a hypothetical course 1234 would be https://[youruniversitydomain]/courses/1234/about?affiliate=5c38b15gc98
  7. Exception: a link to a price point or coupon code for that course will be attached to the end of the link with an ampersand (&) and then the affiliate ID, like this: https://t[youruniversitydomain]/courses/1234/enroll?price_point=45&url_hash=be3c65840b3842b7319b8a7281&affiliate=5c38b15ff38

Affiliate referral code reporting

Contact your University Administrator for a report of enrollment referrals for any of your courses.

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