Video webinar: create a pre-recorded video webinar

You can create a pre-recorded video webinar:

1. Record your video or audio file ahead of time.

2. Create and schedule your event, following the instructions to create a Ruzuku-hosted video webinar.

3. In the Webinar tab, select "prerecorded audio or video."

4. In the Files tab, upload your pre-recorded video or audio file in the Playback section by clicking on the orange "+Audio or Video" button.

5. At the time the event starts, sign in to your account, click on the name of your course, then click on "webinars" in course navigation menu.

6. Click on the event you wish to start, then click play.

7. Your pre-recorded audio or video file will begin to play "live" for your attendees. Note that if you pause the video as it's playing, the video will pause for your students as well. The same is true if you skip ahead or back up - whatever you do to the video as it's playing on your screen, your students will see on their screen.

8. The chat box will appear on the right-hand side of the page, next to the audio or video player. This allows you to concentrate on engaging in the chat box while the "live" presentation runs.

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