Enroll Students in a Course Automatically

University Subscription Level

As a University Instructor, you can work with your University Administrator to create a custom enrollment experience for your students, creating their student user accounts and enrolling them in a course automatically, with just one step.

Overview: How This Feature Works

For example, let's assume Company ABC would like to enroll a large number of its employees in your course, paying for all the students. Rather than giving the company an enrollment link to distribute to its employees, you can use this feature to enroll the authorized employees in your course, bypassing the normal 2-step sign-up process and immediately enrolling all the employees in your course.

The company will provide you with a list of each employee's name (optional) and email address (required) who will participate in the course.

You will then work with your University Administrator to enroll those students in your course via bulk CSV upload. Students enrolled in this way will not need to go through the typical enrollment process but will be automatically enrolled and invited to begin your course by clicking a link in the course's Welcome Notification.

Typical course enrollment process

  1. During a new student's enrollment in his/her first course, the student is typically asked to provide their email address and a name, choose a password, and set their local time zone. This information creates the student's account on your University platform. Then they continue on in the on-screen process to complete their enrollment in a course. 
  2. After enrollment, you are sent an enrollment notification, and the student is sent your welcome notification with a link to be brought to the course (if these have been set up in your course).

Automatic course enrollment process

  1. As soon as the bulk upload of enrollments is complete, the Ruzuku system will recognize that the student has been enrolled in the course through this featured process. If a student does not already have an account in your University, one will automatically be created for him/her.
  2. The student is sent your welcome notification with a link to be brought to his/her account. At the top of the screen a banner will be displayed, inviting the student to create/change his/her password for the account. (This is an important step if the student's user account has also been created in bulk, since, for security reasons, no password was created during the process of creating the account.) 
  3. The course already appears in the student's Learning Library.
  4. No enrollment notifications will be sent to you if the enrollment is created by this process (so that your email account is not flooded with notifications).

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that the first lesson activity in your course include an instruction for each student to set up his/her profile, including adding or changing their password, and adjusting their time zone (if necessary). If these adjustments are not completed by the student, they may not receive their course notifications at the appropriate time, or may have difficulty signing in with a password.

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