Add a Quiz to a lesson

With an Up-and-Comer or University subscription, you can  create  basic  multiple choice quiz functionality in your course lessons. (This feature is not available with Bootstrapper subscriptions.)

Create a Quiz

  1. In the course editor, click on Course > Lessons.
  2. Click the orange Create drop-down button and select Create Lesson.
  3. Click the orange Add Quiz link under the lesson you just created.
  4. Enter the name of your new quiz, and click Save.
  5. Click the quiz name to edit it.
  6. Just as you add a lesson activity, you'll now create your lesson quiz.
  7. Upload or embed a primary video or image (optional).
  8. Type in any content desired (optional).
  9. Under the Questions section, type in the text of your first quiz question.
    1. Click "Add Option" to enter one of the multiple choice responses. Use the "Add Option" to add as many multiple choice responses as you wish.
    2. Click the optional response that is the correct answer to the question.
  10. Click the "Add Question" link to add more multiple-choice quiz questions.
  11. Use the grab bars to move the order of the questions and/or responses.
  12. Use the trash can icon to delete any question or response.
  13. Click the purple Save button to save your entries.

Click the "Save & View" option at the top of the page to see what your quiz will look like to students. 

Students who complete the quiz will be shown their score for the quiz (%) and the correct answers for any questions they did not answer correctly. Students cannot re-take a quiz.

Edit Quiz

Click the blue "Edit this Quiz" button to go back and make any needed changes.

View Student Responses

To view student responses to your quiz, in the course editor, click on Course > Lessons.

Quiz activities are displayed with a small report icon. Click the icon to view results of the quiz for each student.

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