Using Other Webinar Services With Your Ruzuku Courses

You can use Zoom, or other webinar services, for your video webinars if you need their screen sharing capabilities or other features. Here's how to complete each of the webinar creation screens for a video or teleconference webinar.

Set up your webinar with the service you prefer, and copy the invitation information.

Create a new webinar in your course, choosing the name of the webinar, start date and time, and the expected duration. Save. Then click on the title of the draft webinar and edit each of the tabs as follows:

Schedule tab

You've already set up this tab when you created the webinar, so just check to be sure the information is correct. (We will automatically convert the webinar time to each of your students' local time zone. You only need to be sure the time is correct in your own time zone.)

Content tab

  • In the Summary text box, insert the invitation information for the webinar you set up in the system you're using. This information will be automatically inserted in the webinar 2-day and 1-hour notifications.
  • In the Content text box, copy/paste the same information from the Summary text box. This information will be automatically displayed on the webinar page  in  your student's webinar menu. (This is helpful, just in case a student comes to the webinar page in their course instead of going straight to the service you're using.).

Notifications tab

If you have completed the information in the Content tab, above, you can simply use the Default notifications for the 2-day event notification. 

You may decide, instead, to use the Personalized 1-hour event notification, so that you can create a link in the email to the webinar location. (The default notification will display the URL you insert, but it won't be a link.)

These emails will notify your students about your Zoom, GoToMeeting, or other webinar.

Webinar tab

Select Video streaming (external) or Teleconference streaming (external). Save. Most services do not provide streaming capability through another website, so leave all of the rest of the spaces on this page blank.

This setup enables the use of Ruzuku for webinar notifications for your webinar with another service.

Files tab

If you have recorded your webinar, you can upload the recording to your Ruzuku webinar. Then, students who couldn't attend your live event, or who would like to see a replay, can simply to the go the Webinars menu in your course and see the recording there.

Download the recording to your computer and then upload it to your Ruzuku webinar in the Files tab. Click the orange +Audio or Video button to upload the recording.

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