Accepting Payments Through Ruzuku Integrations

With any Ruzuku subscription, you can use your own PayPal and/or Stripe account, integrated with your Ruzuku account, to accept payments from your students/participants. Payments flow directly to your PayPal or Stripe account. There are no additional fees for this service.


Sales and Marketing

Student Enrollment

  • When prospects click the link you have provided, they'll be brought to Ruzuku to review your sales page (if that's the option you've chosen) or begin the enrollment process, pay and get started in your course.
  • When the payment and enrollment is complete, the student is brought immediately to your course overview page to begin.
  • The course Welcome notification is then automatically sent to the student.
  • From that point, students will have access to your course content as outlined in the Course Schedule Type you chose (Open Access, On Demand, or Scheduled).

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